Coco Crisp Gets Canseco'd In The Outfield, Dies And His Reanimated Corpse Bernie Leans In Newest Weirdo Video

The Oakland A's are in the middle of the pennant race and begin a fairly important series this weekend against the Baltimore Orioles. So, clearly, we are here to talk about the "Bernie Lean" video featuring various members of the Oakland Athletics, and ATM and IMD. (The Athletics were so proud of the video they sent… »9/14/12 3:23pm9/14/12 3:23pm

Bernie, Of Weekend At Bernie's Fame, Threw Out The First Pitch In Oakland This Weekend

The Oakland A's have adopted the "Moves Like Bernie" dance. This is a "dance" popularized by some rapper featuring a plot point from Weekend At Bernie's II (Bernie's back...and still dead!): Bernie, a corpse, gets hit with some crazy voodoo in the beginning of the film and everytime he hears music he half dances/half… »9/03/12 8:50pm9/03/12 8:50pm