Georgia State Coach Tears Achilles Celebrating Sun Belt Title

Georgia State qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2001 by beating Georgia Southern in the Sun Belt Conference championship game. Unfortunately, when they take the floor for their first round game next Thursday or Friday, it will be with a severely hobbled coach. You can't really see it in the… »3/15/15 3:43pm3/15/15 3:43pm

The Bizarre Spring Training Injuries Are Out In Full Force

The greatest spring training tradition—baseball players injuring themselves in weird-ass ways—has arrived early this year. First Michael Saunders stepped on a sprinkler head and tore the meniscus in his knee, and now Tampa Bay Rays reliever Ronald Belisario has fractured his (non-throwing) shoulder while getting out… »2/28/15 12:44pm2/28/15 12:44pm

The Third Weird Baseball Injury Of 2013: Washington Nationals Pitcher Gio Gonzalez Got Rug Burn On His Forehead From His Dog

Not really sure what else there is to say that hasn't already been said. This is weird, an injury—technically—and it is baseball-related. Oh, and it happened in 2013. While Gio's injury is not all that serious—he was able to make his first start of the spring today and pitched relatively well—no weird injury is too… »2/25/13 10:50pm2/25/13 10:50pm