Throwing A Baseball At 90 Percent Speed Of Light Would Kill Thousands

The artistically inclined folks over at XKCD (authors of one of my favorite web comics ever) devoted one of their What If? segments today to the logically insane yet weirdly interesting scenario of what would happen if someone pitched a baseball at 90 percent the speed of light. Using actual science and helpful… »7/10/12 8:15pm7/10/12 8:15pm


NFL Hall Of Famer Eric Dickerson Has A "Magic" Belt He'd Like To Sell You

When it comes to expensive pseudoscience, nothing beats magnets these days. Those Phiten necklaces that exploded in baseball a couple of years back have always been scant on hard science, and the makers behind PowerBalance basically admitted that their products were one big scam. But few of these craptastic gimmicks… »6/01/12 9:45am6/01/12 9:45am