The NFL's Dumbass Deflategate Science Report Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Last night, a mountain of documents and transcription emerged from Tom Brady’s late June appeal hearing before Roger Goodell. It’s been a circus, with a series of insults, emails, and sneaker requests to Tom Ford pouring out of the file cabinet, but the testimony most relevant to the case circles back to whether or… »8/05/15 5:03pm8/05/15 5:03pm


5 Thoughts On Tom Brady's Case From A Guy Who Read The Whole Damn Thing

As part of the legal battle over the four-game suspension Tom Brady received for his role in the deflation of footballs during the AFC Championship game, the NFLPA filed a number of documents in court Tuesday, including the full transcript from Brady’s June 23 appeal hearing. If you’re a masochist you can read the… »8/05/15 1:30pm8/05/15 1:30pm

The Full Story Of Tom Brady's Destroyed Cell Phone

The biggest revelation from Roger Goodell’s decision upholding Tom Brady’s four-game suspension was that Brady’s cell phone was destroyed shortly before meeting with Ted Wells and his investigators, even though he knew Wells wanted access to the contents of his text messages. Here is how Wells described his request to… »8/05/15 9:30am8/05/15 9:30am

Chris Mortensen Unsatisfyingly Explains His Erroneous PSI Report

The first report that something fishy had occurred with the footballs during the AFC Championship game came from Bob Kravitz, a reporter for Indianapolis’s WTHR. But it was Chris Mortensen’s report the next day that 11 of the 12 footballs were under inflated by two pounds that turned what had been a “huh, this is… »8/03/15 11:09pm8/03/15 11:09pm

Tom Brady Answers Questions About Ballghazi, Doesn't Say Much

Tom Brady made an appearance tonight at Salem State University in Salem, Mass. for a Q&A with sportscaster Jim Gray. The event was scheduled months ago, but in light of yesterday’s release of the Wells report—which concluded that it was “more probable than not” that Brady was “generally aware” of the attempts by… »5/07/15 9:02pm5/07/15 9:02pm