MMA Fighter In Choke Taps Out, Shits Himself, Leaks Shit All Over Cage [NSFW]

Look, this video delivers exactly what it promises. You clicked on this. One poor MMA fighter—Travis Walford, according to our friends at Bloody Elbow—not only lost the match to Daniel Cooper at a Ruckus in the Cage event in West Virginia on Saturday, but pooped himself. It got everywhere. »10/05/15 6:16pm10/05/15 6:16pm


West Virginia QB Clint Trickett's First Kiss Was Nick Saban's Daughter

Nick Saban is perhaps the Platonic ideal of the kind of dad that strikes fear into the heart of any boy foolish enough to attempt dating his daughter, especially because he could likely get away with murder in the state of Alabama. And yet, West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett, who is playing Alabama this… »8/27/14 3:34pm8/27/14 3:34pm

West Virginia Coach Tells Truth, School Pretends It Never Happened

In the wild world of the NCAA, we're forced to swallow a lot of crap from coaches about educating the future, turning boys into men, etc. So honesty is pretty refreshing on the rare chance that it occurs. Today, West Virginia football coach Dana Holgorsen gave us an unfiltered peek into the world of recruiting, an … »8/12/14 3:40pm8/12/14 3:40pm

Here's The Catch Of The Day, From The Offensive Explosion That Was Baylor At West Virginia

Ooooh-wheee, that was a good one. It wasn't quite as close as it looked in the end—70-56 until Baylor struck one last time with about three minutes left, whereupon the Mountaineers were able to run the clock down—but it was back-and-forth for most of the game. West Virginia bled the clock partly with the help of the… »9/29/12 4:48pm9/29/12 4:48pm

When Your Parachute Doesn't Open, All That's Left Is A 876-Foot Belly Flop

This is not a live-action Wile E. Coyote reenactment. It is video from Saturday's Bridge Day in Fayetteville, West Virginia, where BASE jumpers try their luck from the New River Gorge Bridge. Despite Christopher Brewer's parachute not deploying in time, his wingsuit slowed him just enough (he hit the water between… »10/17/11 4:55pm10/17/11 4:55pm

West Virginia Man Who Went Streaking Near NASCAR Race Also Caught With Live Raccoon

Joshua Emery Greene looks bemused in the mugshot featured in the above video. We find this an appropriate emotion, because we're bemused too. Why did he go streaking in a parking lot off Route 394 in Bristol, Tennessee, where the Irwin Tools Night Race took place on Saturday? And why was he carrying a live raccoon? »8/30/11 9:15pm8/30/11 9:15pm

West Virginia's Toxic Circus: The Boozer, The Lame Duck, And The Vengeful Coach's Wife

West Virginia's coaching situation is, to put it as mildly as we can, a total clusterfuck. Whoever in the athletics office thought it would be a good idea to hire Dana Holgorsen as head-coach-in-waiting, while still keeping current coach Bill Stewart around for another year, ought to find themselves out of a job soon… »6/06/11 11:25am6/06/11 11:25am