March Madness Means Charles Barkley Fueling Your Future Night Terrors

The odd, temporary marriage between CBS and Turner during the NCAA tournament means occasional instances of one's chocolate being found in another's peanut butter, or vice-versa if you will. College basketball fans get a taste of TNT's Inside the NBA wackiness while NBA mavens let Jim Nantz singlehandedly reduce their … » 3/14/12 9:00am 3/14/12 9:00am

Western Kentucky Is Going Dancing

Congratulations to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, who in beating North Texas 74-70 won the Sun Belt Conference tournament and punched their ticket to the dance. This is the same WKU that lost to a team playing six players then fired its coach for it. [ESPN2] » 3/06/12 9:39pm 3/06/12 9:39pm

Western Kentucky Fires Head Basketball Coach Hours After He Loses…

Western Kentucky canned men's basketball coach Ken McDonald this morning after the Hilltoppers' 72-70 OT loss last night to Louisiana-Lafayette, who scored the winning basket with six players on the floor. [Bowling Green Daily News] » 1/06/12 11:50am 1/06/12 11:50am

The Ragin' Cajuns Beat Western Kentucky In Overtime By Playing 6-On-5

We're not surprised the Sun Belt officials escaped the court quickly after this blunder, where they allowed Louisiana-Lafayette to enjoy the rare basketball power play, in which they clearly put six men on the floor for their final possession of overtime—allowing them to score the winning basket against the… » 1/05/12 10:35pm 1/05/12 10:35pm

NCAA First Round: (5) Illinois vs. (12) Western Kentucky

South Region: No. 5 Illinois (24-9) vs. No. 12 Western Kentucky (24-8)
When: Thursday, 9:55 p.m., EDT
Where: Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon


1) They're not that bad offensively. Fine, fine, so the Big Ten isn't exactly stacked with a bunch of Bo Kimbles and Kiki Vandeweghes. Sorry: We play… » 3/18/09 6:50pm 3/18/09 6:50pm