The Wild Bunch Is Still Nasty, Unrelenting, And Pretty Goddamn Great 

Imagine being alive in 1969 and going to see The Wild Bunch when it was new. It was released in an era when American movies were changing, and when audiences were getting more and more used to seeing gruesome violence onscreen, like in Bonnie & Clyde. Granted, it was still a time when movies would tell us that a… »10/30/15 10:10am10/30/15 10:10am


The Rad '90s Western Tombstone Is Val Kilmer's Finest Hour

Since I started writing this column, I've been wondering what to do with westerns. They aren't quite action movies, but they're action-adjacent. It feels a bit ridiculous to discuss Once Upon a Time in the West in the same space I'm using for stuff like Dredd and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. Gunfights are… »10/30/14 2:06pm10/30/14 2:06pm