The Taiwanese Animation For The Penn State Scandal Is Batshit Insane,…

Did you know these videos aren't even aimed at Taiwanese people? Next Media Animation knows their twisted takes on Western news play well in America. It's been a while since we ran one of them, because by pumping them out almost daily they've watered down what was once a special treat. But their version of what… » 11/11/11 6:45pm 11/11/11 6:45pm

And You Thought VORP Was Confusing

Someone much smarter than me uses something called Bayesian inference to argue that umpires ought to give a wider strike zone to pitchers with reputations. Any nerd commenters want to explain this to the rest of us? [Baseball Analysts] » 12/09/09 11:00pm 12/09/09 11:00pm