And Suddenly That Giant Hog Story Looks So Unimpressive

We like bears. As Robert Klein once said, they are the most helpful of all the animals. "If you have to be stuck in an elevator, it might as well be with a bear. 'Can you reach up there, bear?' 'Well, I think I can try ...' " But when a bear is attacking your six-year-old son, there's only one thing you can do. Yes,… »6/21/07 12:45pm6/21/07 12:45pm

We Like The Way He Talks And He Likes The Way We Talk, Mmm Hmm

With the news yesterday that running back Quincy Wilson has become the 10th Cincinnati Bengal to be arrested in the past 14 months, we now need the measured, no-nonsense sports commentary of Kige Ramsey more than ever. If you're unfamiliar, just think of him as the Jason Whitlock of Youtube ... if, you know, Jason… »6/19/07 11:45am6/19/07 11:45am

Bobby Knight To Be Airlifted In To Restore Order At Castro Valley High

Awhile ago we wrote about the parents' revolt at Castro Valley (Calif.) High, wherein varsity girls basketball coach Nancy Nibarger was forced to allow a special panel of "objective observers" to choose her team at preseason tryouts. She was even forced to have an ombudsman observe all of her subsequent practices.… »12/01/06 1:30pm12/01/06 1:30pm