Begun, The Hockey Playing Ice Bear War Has

A Russian circus manager was mauled to death by a bear wearing hockey skates. First, Anchorage, then Fairbanks, now Kyrgyzstan? The angry sports bears are officially out to get us. This won't end well for humanity. [BBC] » 10/22/09 3:55pm 10/22/09 3:55pm

South Carolina Golfer Loses Arm To Angry Alligator

A 70-year-old tries to retrieve his ball from the drink, but a 10-foot alligator decided he'd rather pull the guy into the water and chew on him awhile. They should make a hilarious movie about that! [Fanhouse/ESPN/OurKitchenSink] » 10/09/09 5:00pm 10/09/09 5:00pm

Reporter Sees Rat, Freaks Out In Exact Highly Amusing Way You'd Expect

The above video, featuring Comcast SportsNet's Capitals reporter Lisa Hillary suffering a highly entertaining, if ultimately non-life-threatening, heart-attack while being terrorized by a Verizon Center rat, represents our first exposure to playoff hockey in years. » 5/08/09 12:15pm 5/08/09 12:15pm

Google Video, Jose Canseco And You

We're not sure how we'd react if attacked by a leopard; probably curl up like an armadillo and roll toward the nearest large body of water. But we would hope that it would be a manly, dignified roll. We wouldn't want to go out squealing like a Girl Scout, as you can hear in this video. The reason we mention this is… » 8/17/06 3:45pm 8/17/06 3:45pm