The Bizarre Cult Of Pro-Owner NFL Fanboys

Here's a tidy summation of how we've managed to get to where we are with the NFL lockout. A few years ago, the players and owners agreed to a new CBA, with only Ralph Wilson and Mike Brown voting against the agreement, in Wilson's case because he's old and easily confused by things. » 5/12/11 12:50pm 5/12/11 12:50pm

One Thing I Think I Think: Peter King Is The Latest In A Long Line Of…

First there was that epic profile of Roger Goodell, which was 6,000 words of Peter King trying to stuff some brains and character into an empty suit. Then there was this item the other day. I know it's CBA season, and I can only imagine how difficult and disorienting it must be for football writers to watch mommy and… » 2/21/11 11:45am 2/21/11 11:45am