Steph Curry Stinkface Shows He Always Chooses Luigi In Mario Kart

Stephen Curry brought some of the swagger back during last night’s Game 5 win against the Cavaliers, at one point delivering the stinkface following a fourth-quarter contested three-pointer—a shot that responded to LeBron’s long-range bomb seconds before, and one that gave the Warriors the lead for good. » 6/15/15 12:52pm 6/15/15 12:52pm

Bah Gawd! It's An Al Horford-The Rock People's Elbow Mashup!

After Al Horford’s ejection for dropping The People’s Elbow on Matthew Dellavedova last night, it was only a matter of time before we compiled every angle of Horford’s move and mixed it in with some vintage footage of The Rock. And, yes, there’s the usual presence of “J.R.” Jim Ross in there too. » 5/25/15 11:18am 5/25/15 11:18am

Phil Jones Falling Down Chasing The Ball Is A Blast In Extreme Slow-Mo

Manchester United drew 1-1 with Arsenal yesterday in a battle of clubs fighting for third place in the Premiership, and the desire to win drove Man United defender Phil Jones to the ground in search of a ball that was just a bit too elusive—no matter how much crawling it took. But even from his hands and knees, Jones… » 5/18/15 2:27pm 5/18/15 2:27pm

Things You Are Buying At The Chicago Aeropostale

Since last week, our inbox has been receiving a series of emailed receipts for purchases and returns made at the Aeropostale store at Water Tower Place in Chicago. The transactions are on multiple credit and debit cards, so either we are being pranked by one store employee, or by multiple Aeropostale… » 5/12/15 5:35pm 5/12/15 5:35pm

Ridiculously Huge Boxer Remains Undefeated

Taishan Dong improved his career record to 4-0 with a majority decision win over Jamal Woods in an undercard bout for tonight’s HBO main event of Álvarez-Kirkland. You’d think that at seven feet tall and 290 pounds, the enormous Dong would draw some American eyeballs; HBO elected to air a Mayweather-Pacquiao replay… » 5/09/15 10:40pm 5/09/15 10:40pm

How Old Are These Sports People, According To This Rude App?

The internet distraction of the day is How-Old, an app that determines a person’s age through some secret calculations that aren’t quite clear. It’s fun for a laugh. The site can be surprisingly accurate or very wrong, and frankly, rude as hell. We plugged in a few faces from the sports world and see what How-Old spit… » 4/30/15 3:42pm 4/30/15 3:42pm

How Many Of These MLB Opening Day Starters Can You Name?

A new baseball season is upon us, which means it’s time again to orient ourselves with America’s pastime, a sport so popular that surely every sports fan recognizes its star players by sight. Here are 28 players who were in the starting lineup on Opening Day. How many of them can you name? (Answers revealed on Monday.) » 4/10/15 11:30am 4/10/15 11:30am