Kid Eats It In Royals Hot Dog Derby Because His Pants Kept Falling Down

This poor kid was stuffed inside a hot dog costume and entered into a race with two other kids: Ketchup and Relish. Our friend was Mustard and as soon as he made the turn down the right field line his pants started falling down. It was only a matter of time, then. He ate it so hard, and then he ate it again. » 8/10/14 5:40pm 8/10/14 5:40pm

Dude's Massive Rave Leads To Historically Great Local News Segment

This is a local news report about James Taylor, a wonderfully goatee'd, 20-year-old West Michigan man who threw a big-ass party at his house that featured multiple DJs, fire-throwers, go-go dancers, and about 2,000 attendees. It's a really funny news report, but it achieves transcendence around the 25-second mark. » 8/05/14 6:26pm 8/05/14 6:26pm

Everybody, Especially Blake Griffin, Loves This 6'7" Burlesque Dancer…

Amazon Ashley is a person that we were not aware of until today. She is a 6-foot-7 dancer who is best known for touring with Miley Cyrus, but she is also known for other things. One of those things happens to be taking boobsy photos with various NBA players—mostly Blake Griffin. » 7/24/14 10:59am 7/24/14 10:59am