How Many Of These MLB Opening Day Starters Can You Name?

A new baseball season is upon us, which means it’s time again to orient ourselves with America’s pastime, a sport so popular that surely every sports fan recognizes its star players by sight. Here are 28 players who were in the starting lineup on Opening Day. How many of them can you name? (Answers revealed on Monday.) » 4/10/15 11:30am 4/10/15 11:30am

The Many Emotions Of Vince Neil, Professional Football Team Owner

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil owns an Arena Football League franchise, and his Las Vegas Outlaws earned their first win ever with a 70-53 victory against Arizona last night. ESPN’s cameras couldn’t keep away from ol’ Vince, and here’s a supercut of his emotions as the game progressed—set to the obvious music. » 4/05/15 9:10am 4/05/15 9:10am

Today, We Get To Appreciate The Funniest Trophy In Sports

Today, the United States Basketball Writers Association gave an award to the most outstanding player in men’s college basketball, as it has done every year since 1959. In 2005, the USBWA commissioned a trophy of Hall-of-Famer Oscar Robertson to represent the award, and so was born the Oscar Robertson Trophy, the most… » 4/03/15 10:54am 4/03/15 10:54am

Brock Lesnar's WWE Raw Rampage, As Called By Wrestling Legend Jim Ross

Brock Lesnar, fresh off a commitment to WWE that earned breaking news attention on ESPN, was denied a title rematch on tonight's WWE Raw. It sent the former UFC fighter into a rampage that left announcers, bystanders and even "cameramen" in a wake of destruction. Since Raw announcer Michael Cole was one of those who… » 3/30/15 11:45pm 3/30/15 11:45pm

Spring Breaker Starts Fight, Flees, Receives Karmic Comeuppance

It's hard to believe that the knob in this video, who embodies every spring break stereotype—neon tank top, bad sandals, dumb sunglasses, urging other bros to come at him while he backs away—is even real, but here we are. I won't spoil what happens, but get ready to wish you had been there to laugh in this guy's face. » 3/24/15 4:47pm 3/24/15 4:47pm

Gio Gonzalez Successfully Plays The Meow Game During Interview

At some point, professional athletes recreating a scene from a stoner comedy that came out 14 years ago is going to get old, but I don't think we've hit that marker just yet. So it's okay to laugh at Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, following in former Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud's footsteps, channeling… » 3/11/15 5:23pm 3/11/15 5:23pm

Erik Spoelstra's Karaoke Strategy: Just Smile And Dance A Lot 

Former Heat swingman Shane Battier hosted his annual charity karaoke event last night, which means it's time for us to once again laugh at members of the Heat organization trying and mostly failing to sing pop songs. So far, the best performance to surface from the evening is Erik Spoelstra, joined by his… » 3/04/15 11:37am 3/04/15 11:37am