The Beer Idiot Hits The Hard Stuff: Tales From The Nashville Whiskey Festival

The strangest person you can possibly encounter at a whiskey convention is someone who doesn’t like whiskey very much. Anecdotally speaking, it is also unusual to be a woman or black—the attendees of the Nashville Whiskey Festival, which I attended a couple weeks ago, made me worried that I’d wandered into a Ben Folds… »10/02/15 5:03pm10/02/15 5:03pm


A Beginner's Guide to American Single Malt Whiskey

A couple years ago, American single malt whiskey had its Bottle Shock moment. Just like the California wines that beat the French in a blind taste test back in 1976, an American single malt trounced the Scotch in the prestigious Best in Glass competition. And if you’re not already a fan of the burgeoning genre, you… »12/05/14 6:49pm12/05/14 6:49pm

How Much a Bottle of Whiskey Costs in Every State

It is Friday, which means it is an excellent day for a whiskey drink. Inspired by The Awl's quest to catalog the cost of cigarettes in every state, we decided to hunt down the price of a bottle of liquor in every state so you can know exactly how much more or less that stiff pour is costing you than neighboring… »10/24/14 5:48pm10/24/14 5:48pm

Chart: Do You Know Your Whiskey?

Whiskey is delicious and fun to drink, but it's tough to keep track of the diverse offerings and industry nomenclature. Pop Chart Lab has your back: Similar to what they did with beer, they've put together a great graphic on the taxonomy of whiskey. They even managed to nail the geographic details of the extremely… »4/09/14 5:14pm4/09/14 5:14pm

Chart: A "Family Tree" Of American Whiskeys and Bourbons

You're probably aware that most popular beers come from just a few massive parent companies, but do you know who's making that delicious bourbon you're into? The chart above—an excerpt from Colin Spoelman and David Haskell's new book The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining that they posted on GQ—breaks… »11/15/13 1:05pm11/15/13 1:05pm