Enraptured Saints Fans Decorate Drew Brees' Home With 'Thank You' Shrine

The front gates of Drew Brees' home near Uptown turned into one giant display of heartfelt gratitude for his quarterbacking service to Who Dat Nation. One reader, who lives close by, gave us some pictures. See more after the MORE. » 2/09/10 3:35pm 2/09/10 3:35pm

Bourbon Street Has Not Been Set On Fire (Yet)

If you go to NOLA.com right now, you can watch their live Bourbon Street cam, which is a little sluggish because most of America is clicking on it, hoping to catch a stray boob. » 2/07/10 10:59pm 2/07/10 10:59pm

Adorable "Who Dat" Dog Barks Orders At Puny Human Saints Fans

Actually, the dog looks mostly scared and confused by all loud, insane people screaming at him, but still ... CUTE PUPPY! [YouTube, via Brooks] » 2/04/10 12:10pm 2/04/10 12:10pm

Trademarking Sports: Who Owns What You Watch

With the uproar over the rights to Who Dat, it's instructive to take a look at a brief history of sports trademarks (with the help of the US Patent Office) and learn that the right person rarely ever gets rich. » 2/03/10 8:00pm 2/03/10 8:00pm

An Alternate Definition Of "Dress For Success"

There's going to be a whole bunch of men in drag on Bourbon Street tomorrow, none of whom will be spiffier than Bobby Hebert, wearing one of his daughter's sequined creations. It's called the "Mu Dat Nation Mumu." » 1/30/10 5:00pm 1/30/10 5:00pm

Who Dat Think They Can Violate Our Intellectual Property Rights?

The NFL is cracking down on New Orleans merchants selling "Who Dat" paraphernalia, claiming it's a violation of league-owned trademarks. Next up: The Catholic Church and their egregious canonization policies. [WWLTV; pic] » 1/28/10 11:15am 1/28/10 11:15am

Bourbon Street Looked Like The Most Fun Place On Earth Last Night

Now, this is not Detroit, man. Nola.com has amazing footage of the joyful chaos on Bourbon Street last night after Garrett Hartley split the uprights (he's apparently a soothsayer, too). There's brassy marching, unreserved embracing and abundant whodatting! [ViaSBNation] » 1/25/10 12:20pm 1/25/10 12:20pm