Bougie Food Review: Blueberry Pomegranate Kettle Cooked Apples

I’m not a baby, and have a full set of chompers, and so I rarely eat applesauce. It’s not that I don’t like applesauce, but when would I eat it? As an appetizer? A snack? A dessert? There are numerous foods I like better in each of those categories, and so applesauce just doesn’t really fit into my eating habits.

Bougie Food Review: Organic Amaranth Flakes

The concepts of “organic,” “free range,” “shade grown,” “farm-to-table,” “locally grown,” and “GMO-free” food have widened the average grocery-shopper’s lexicon over the past decade. Sure, those phrases all ostensibly describe how food is grown and sourced, but they also offer implicit judgements about how much…

Did Katie Holmes Have a Secret Entrance to Whole Foods in Chelsea?

In the summer of 2012, shortly after she filed divorce papers to dissolve her marriage to Tom Cruise, the actress Katie Holmes moved into a Manhattan apartment complex called the Chelsea Mercantile. The prewar building has 354 units, a private garage, and, on the street level, a Whole Foods Market, where Holmes began…