Colin Kaepernick On Richard Sherman: “Come On”

Colin Kaepernick was in a private room on the sixth floor of a West Side event space, standing in front of a white scrim festooned with corporate logos and posing for photos with a succession of lesser VIPs. He was there as the "surprise guest" of Deadspin's Super Bowl party last night, which is another way of saying… »1/30/14 10:45am1/30/14 10:45am

Here's A 1984 Commercial Starring Chris Berman Shilling A $50 Satin ESPN Jacket

The year is 1984. ESPN has just become America's biggest cable TV channel, reaching nearly 30 million homes. It has not, however, yet shown a profit. Perhaps in an attempt to create a new revenue stream (the days of five-dollar subscriber fees being well into the future) the brains in Bristol started selling… »3/08/13 10:30am3/08/13 10:30am