Reds Management Would Like To Apologize For All The Sucking

In an odd move even for them, the Cincinnati Reds front office has written an open letter to fans to apologize for being in last place. Of course, CEO Bob Castellini and GM Walt Jocketty don't admit to any wrongdoing — there were injuries! And the weather has been generally bad! — but they don't want too »8/20/08 9:15am8/20/08 9:15am many fans…

Bill Belichick Is Very, Very Sorry. Just Kidding ... He Couldn't Care Less

Yes, it's the man whom you never thought you'd see leading off Who's Sorry Now, because he never apologizes for anything ... Mr. Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots coach issued a one-paragraph statement 10 minutes before his regular press conference on Wednesday, concerning the Beligate videotape mess. Because… »9/13/07 1:05pm9/13/07 1:05pm