Wichita State Finally Loses; Kentucky Advances To Sweet 16

This will be a tough game to top. Kentucky beat the No. 1 seed and previously undefeated Wichita State Shockers 78-76. It was an offensive showcase—especially for Wichita State's Cleanthony Early who had 31 points and one thunderous dunk—and both teams exchanged leads for most of the second half. » 3/23/14 5:49pm 3/23/14 5:49pm

Wichita State's Mascot Has Been Creepy At Every Stage Of Its Evolution

Let's get this straight: Wichita State's mascot, WuShock, isn't anthropomorphic electricity or the lovechild of the Thing and a toilet brush. He's a shock of wheat. (Get it?) And he's remained unsettling since his creation, despite numerous updates. » 3/15/14 6:25pm 3/15/14 6:25pm

After An Absolute Rock Fight In The Georgia Dome, Louisville Knocks Off…

Down 12 with 13:15 remaining, Louisville clawed back with defense that changed the game's atmosphere from "celebratory" to "panic attack," and hit just enough shots to surpass a Wichita State team whose game plan gradually fell apart in the final minutes. Of course, the comeback might not be the story of one the best… » 4/06/13 9:08pm 4/06/13 9:08pm

Your Final Four Open Thread

Woo-ooooh, Final Four. Talk here if you're sticking around, tell us where and why you've placed your bets, console each other if there's a horrific injury. No idea why these teams made it as far as they did? See here, it's good. » 4/06/13 6:05pm 4/06/13 6:05pm

Goodbye (For Now), Aaron Craft

Wichita State is going to the Final Four after dispatching with Ohio State last night. We thought we'd put together a goodbye for Aaron Craft but soon realized he's only a junior and surely not going to enter the NBA draft so, whatever, we're still doing it anyway. So long, Aaron. See you next year. » 3/31/13 9:55am 3/31/13 9:55am

The Selection Committee Really Boned This Tournament

Gonzaga, the first top seed: gone. Oregon a ridiculous No. 12 seed "upset" Saint Louis. Perennial-choke-artist Georgetown a No. 2 seed: out. Perennial-choke-artist Pitt even in the field of 60-whatever. The selection committee is totally screwing up the the bracket. » 3/24/13 9:51am 3/24/13 9:51am