Wichita State Knows What It's Doing On Offense. At Least One Team Does.

The Wichita State Shockers are impressive for a lot of reasons—their beatdown of geographic rival Kansas and top-10 defense, or for the simple possibility that they can trade punches with Kentucky in a tournament rematch, should WSU defeat Notre Dame later tonight. But at the minimum, praise Gregg Marshall's squad for… » 3/26/15 4:04pm 3/26/15 4:04pm

Cleanthony Early Hammers Dunk Over Kentucky

Fred Van Vleet found Cleanthony Early streaking to the rim near the end of the first half of Wichita St.-Kentucky and it was just all over. Done. Said Shockers coach Gregg Marshall, "I just wish we had more time in the half." Same. » 3/23/14 4:12pm 3/23/14 4:12pm

These Old Ladies Chugging An Energy Drink Are The Best Basketball Fans

These two Wichita State fans weren't going to let a 12 a.m. start time get in the way of them watching their beloved Shockers put a hurting on Western Kentucky. While other ladies their age were sleeping soundly after enjoying a 4 p.m. dinner, these two heroes were housing an energy drink and watching basketball in… » 11/12/13 10:30am 11/12/13 10:30am

What Makes Them So Good? A Video Breakdown Of The Final Four Teams

The Final Four play tonight, with Wichita State-Louisville at 6:09 p.m. ET and Syracuse-Michigan following it up at 8:49 p.m. Here, we're breaking down the four teams' special qualities: What should you know about Syracuse's zone? Who's that white guy who hits all the threes for Wichita, and how the hell does he get… » 4/06/13 2:00pm 4/06/13 2:00pm

The Missouri Valley Conference's Wichita State Shockers Are Going To…

Ninth-seeded Wichita State continued a stunning run through the NCAA Tournament, downing second-seeded Ohio State despite nearly losing a 20-point second-half lead. It's the first appearance in the Final Four for a Missouri Valley Conference team since Larry Bird led Indiana State to the national title game in 1979. » 3/30/13 9:47pm 3/30/13 9:47pm

Wichita State Stuns, Overwhelms, Flabbergasts, Bewilders, Dumbfounds…

Wichita State became only the seventh 9-seed in history to defeat a 1-seed, knocking off Gonzaga 76-70 in a result only hacky headline writers would call "shocking." » 3/23/13 11:21pm 3/23/13 11:21pm

Tragically, The Best Mascot In March Madness Has Been Eliminated

On this week's video excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, Mike Pesca of NPR tells you everything you might want to know about WuShock, the wheaty Wichita State Shockers mascot. The real Shockers fell to VCU, 62-59, last night, but WuShock lives on with all of us. » 3/16/12 11:20am 3/16/12 11:20am

It Took A Self-Proclaimed "Hockey Luvin Homo" To Make A Canucks-Kings…

Your morning roundup for April 1, the day you are permitted to seek vengeance against anybody who you think has wronged you, with no legal ramifications whatsoever. » 4/01/11 9:05am 4/01/11 9:05am

George W. Bush: Fan Of The Sun Devils ... Or The Shocker?

If you've been on the Internet lately, you've probably seen this picture of the President of the United States making a hand gesture that you probably wouldn't make in front of your own mother. He only did it while posing with the men's and women's track teams from Arizona State University and then posted it on an… » 11/14/08 10:45am 11/14/08 10:45am

Wichita State Needs A New Mascot

They're not renaming themselves, thankfully, they just want to replace the guy on the left there. When I first saw the headline, I feared that the people at Wichita State had gotten tired of all the jokes that make people like us so happy. But that's not the case, and besides, changing to something a little more… » 5/21/06 5:57pm 5/21/06 5:57pm

Wichita State Shockers

1. We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do. But We Have No Football, How 'Bout You? Since the end of the 1986 football season, WSU hoops has been the primary show in town. And it shows. In head coach Mark Turgeon's first year, 00-01, WSU finished 9-19 and still drew 8,114 fans per home game, good for 61st in NCAA Division-I. It… » 3/10/06 12:00am 3/10/06 12:00am