This Free-Running War Robot Is Not Designed to Harm Humans Yet

It has been a busy week for the Machine-Human Alliance. Sorry! The Human-Machine Alliance. Humans will always take precedence. First there was the deployment of South Korea's autonomous jellyfish-killing aquatic robot swarm. Now, in a completely unrelated development, the engineers at Boston Dynamics—working on behalf… » 10/04/13 4:51pm 10/04/13 4:51pm

Rex Ryan Still Thinks The Wildcat Is A Thing

Five years ago, NFL teams used the Wildcat offense to confuse and wreak havoc. Then opposing defenses figured it out. Last year, the Wildcat was forgotten a little bit as teams like the Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks ran the read option. Now, though, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan… » 7/31/13 5:40pm 7/31/13 5:40pm

The Jets Are Actually Practicing The Wildcat In Front Of Reporters And…

Erik posted a link to Mike Sielski's Wall Street Journal column last night about the Jets' secrecy with their Wildcat formation. The column dropped a "[REDACTED]" in every place where there would have been interesting or identifying information about Tony Sparano's offense, and it was funny, because the Jets have kept… » 8/14/12 1:00pm 8/14/12 1:00pm