A Nation Of Echo Chambers: How The Internet Closed Off The World 

Will Leitch, senior writer at Sports On Earth, culture writer for Bloomberg Politics, contributing editor at New York magazine and founder of Deadspin, is doing his yearly fill-in for Drew Magary on today's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo. (Here is 2011's version, and here's 2012's and here's 2013's.)… »12/25/14 2:05pm12/25/14 2:05pm

Fake Exclusive: Will Leitch Wants To Unretire From Deadspin

He holds sports blogging's most heralded records for posts, pageviews, and consecutive days blogged. He also holds the dubious record for most HTML tags left open. Will Leitch stepped down as Deadspin editor last month. But now he's making headlines as he's hinting toward returning to the sports blog that once loved… »7/19/08 12:45pm7/19/08 12:45pm

Deadspin Classic: The Inevitable Evolution Of One William F. Leitch

In early 2001, I was middling through a job at Thomson Financial Media as managing editor of "Health Care Finance" magazine. It was a quarterly publication, which meant plenty of downtime. It was during these extended lulls, reading MediaBistro, that I stumbled upon the ongoing unemployment saga of one William F.… »6/27/08 4:00pm6/27/08 4:00pm