Part VIII: A Special Message From The Dugout And Buzz Bissinger

Will’s always loved THE DUGOUT. Because hey, who doesn’t like dick jokes in a chat interface most people don’t use or understand? Take it away, gentlemen. » 6/26/08 4:55pm 6/26/08 4:55pm

Part VI: Every Day Should Be Saturday

We all know Ron Zook pisses intensity, whereas Leitch piss is 30% meekness and 70% deference. Thankfully, the Illinois head coach took time out to send a message to Will through our good friend SPENCER HALL. » 6/26/08 4:15pm 6/26/08 4:15pm

Part V: Costas Now Redux

We continue today's roasting festivities with this utterly brilliant video from the one and only JE SKEETS, who today was granted a rare work release from his Yahoo! prison. » 6/26/08 4:00pm 6/26/08 4:00pm