The Will Leitch Roast: Director's Cut

DIDJA HEAR? Deadspin emo honcho Will Leitch left at the end of this past week (actually, I'm not so sure - he's sent more links to me this weekend than Daulerio has. YOU NEED TO LET GO, BUDDY!). A few of the roasts submitted got left on the cutting room floor for whatever reason and since these folks went to the… » 6/29/08 12:40pm 6/29/08 12:40pm

Part XI: Deadspin Hall Of Fame Inductee...Will Leitch

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? I'd like to thank ALL of our roasters for their contributions to today's festivities. I can't think of a better send-off for our man. I'd also like to thank the always brilliant Jim Cooke for designing the above plaque, at last granting Will Leitch permanent immortality here on this… » 6/26/08 6:45pm 6/26/08 6:45pm

Part VI: Every Day Should Be Saturday

We all know Ron Zook pisses intensity, whereas Leitch piss is 30% meekness and 70% deference. Thankfully, the Illinois head coach took time out to send a message to Will through our good friend SPENCER HALL. » 6/26/08 4:15pm 6/26/08 4:15pm

Part V: Costas Now Redux

We continue today's roasting festivities with this utterly brilliant video from the one and only JE SKEETS, who today was granted a rare work release from his Yahoo! prison. » 6/26/08 4:00pm 6/26/08 4:00pm

Part IV: Featuring America's Favorite Sports Fella...Bill Simmons

Part 4 of our celebration of all things Leitch begins with a very, very special guest. He just got finished celebrating the Celtics' 17th world title. I can't wait to see it mentioned 83 times in one of his NFL columns 30 years from now. It's Bill Simmons. It really is. » 6/26/08 3:00pm 6/26/08 3:00pm

Part III: The Will Leitch Live Blog

One of the most flattering compliments I've received in these, the blog days of my youth, has been from William F. Leitch regarding my live blogs, notably the Super Bowl XLII one. It's made me want to do more, but unfortunately all there is to lively blog these days is baseball, which can get rather redundant. To… » 6/26/08 2:50pm 6/26/08 2:50pm