Lady In "I Love Big Sacks" Shirt Gets Picture With Will Muschamp

The whole shirt actually reads "I Love Big Sacks And A Gator D" and Muschamp is just smiling like the nicest guy in the world while the woman is pretty straight-faced. There are a few explanations, which we've narrowed down to (a) he didn't read the shirt and is just naturally charming and amiable, (b) he did read the… »7/27/14 12:25pm7/27/14 12:25pm

How Will Muschamp And Florida Sold Their Disastrous Season

I wasn't yet in Gainesville for the first press conference, held immediately after the season opener. Will Muschamp's Florida Gators had just demolished Toledo in a tune-up, an easy victory foreseen by just about everybody. The Gators had gone 11-1 the previous regular season, and only BCS politics kept them out of… »1/06/14 5:04pm1/06/14 5:04pm

Former Auburn Football Players Accuse Program Of Racism, Bribery, And Numerous Other Violations

Two years ago, four Auburn University football players—Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens, Mike McNeil and Dakota Mosley—were arrested and charged with armed robbery. Almost immediately, all four players were dismissed from the team by then-coach Gene Chizik, and everyone got on with their lives. Now, just a few days… »4/03/13 6:39pm4/03/13 6:39pm

It's Official: Somehow Florida, Of All Damn Teams, Was Thoroughly Underrated This Year

So the near-impossible has actually happened: The national media and coaches really, truly underestimated Florida this year. Any chance that wasn't the case evaporated as the Gators ripped off 24 straight points near the end of their 37-26 win over rival Florida State, a team that spent nearly the entire season in the… »11/24/12 9:59pm11/24/12 9:59pm

Watch Bemused Florida Coach Will Muschamp Ask An Analogically Clumsy Reporter "What's A Padawan?"

In journalism school, as far as I know, they don't teach you to begin your SEC press conference questions with "Excuse the Star Wars reference, but..." You're supposed to inquire along the lines of "How do you stop that guy, coach," and "Would you like to score more points in the second half?" Alas, this poor young… »9/28/11 3:40pm9/28/11 3:40pm