Naked People Are Stridently Anti-Willie Randolph

We don't deal with a lot of public relations people around here, which is one of the many pleasures of writing on the Internets. (For now.) But for some reason, we are on the mailing list for Rick's Cabaret in New York City — we don't know why! Swear! — and we received the following email today: "RICK'S CABARET GIRLS… » 6/16/08 4:30pm 6/16/08 4:30pm

Willie Randolph Still Employed, But Watch This Space For Further…

New Yorkers keen on saving the environment can dig up all of that old Fire Isiah signage, and with a few quick edits, can make fun, functional Fire Willie signs. It's the least you can do to help save the planet. Only moments after top brass announced that he will not be fired (at least not this minute), Willie… » 5/27/08 10:46am 5/27/08 10:46am