Willis McGahee Wouldn't Describe The Aftermath Of This Massive Hit That Got Him Carted Off The Field As An "Injury"

Above is the infamous Ryan Clark hit on Willis McGahee, four years ago yesterday, that put McGahee on a stretcher to close out the 2009 AFC Championship game. Though the next day the Associated Press considered it newsworthy that Willis McGahee would, in fact, recover from the collision, McGahee told Esquire this… »1/20/13 9:45am1/20/13 9:45am


Everyone On Twitter Was Confused About Why Willis McGahee Didn't Say "The U" In His Player Intro Last Night

During Sunday Night Football, something weird happened. It wasn't that the quarterback with the misbehaving cervical vertebrae threw for 253 yards with two touchdowns and only seven incompletions, and it wasn't that the Steelers still hadn't learned how to cover Demaryius Thomas. Both of those events were unlikely,… »9/10/12 3:25pm9/10/12 3:25pm