Venezuelan MLB Players Spend More Time Worrying About Being Kidnapped…

Becoming a professional baseball player should mean you're pretty much set, right? Forget the odds that a fringe (or star) professional athlete will go broke before he's a certain age—if you spend much of your twenties and thirties making millions or near millions of dollars for playing a game, you've made it in at… » 12/30/12 2:15pm 12/30/12 2:15pm

The Wilson Ramos Rescue Featured A Gunfight In The Mountains

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was rescued last night and that is a very good thing. An even better thing? The rescue involved "Venezuelan police commandos" engaged in a "hair-raising" gunfight with his captors in a remote mountainous area. » 11/12/11 2:14pm 11/12/11 2:14pm

Washington Post Reports That Wilson Ramos Has Been Rescued

"Wilson Ramos has been rescued in Venezuela and is with the police on his way back home, his agent, Gustavo Mercano, said in a phone conversation. The Interior Minster [sic] called to tell the family at roughly 10 minutes before 10 p.m. East Coast time. » 11/11/11 10:36pm 11/11/11 10:36pm

Nationals Catcher Wilson Ramos Has Reportedly Been Kidnapped In…

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus tweeted this story from a Venezulean news outlet, which I ran through Google Translate and got the following: » 11/09/11 8:56pm 11/09/11 8:56pm