When Tennis Players Ride The Crimson Tide

Lost in yesterday's huge win for American teenage Melanie Oudin was the loser, former world number one Jelena Jankovic. Turns out she was suffering from a malady you don't normally see on injury reports. » 6/28/09 4:30pm 6/28/09 4:30pm

Nadal Gonna Try Best For Try The Victory, Gonna Try That

Now, this morning's Wimbledon final is gearing up to be something really special. Federer and Nadal are fun to watch anytime they play and on such a grand stage it's a great way to get a Sunday morning started. So, this pull quote isn't meant to slam Nadal, per se, but more the reporter on this story— who, granted,… » 7/09/06 9:09am 7/09/06 9:09am