The Day After Wimbledon, Hyperbole Is At An All-Time High

After yesterday's exhilarating battle on the slippery grass at Wimbledon, most sports writers are flexing their purple muscles in the most amusing ways. Especially in Spain, a country that is probably on the verge of overdosing on sports euphoria after Nadal's victory came just a week after the Spaniards captured Euro… »7/07/08 11:15am7/07/08 11:15am

John McEnroe: "The Greatest Match Ever I've Ever Seen..."

Rafael Nadal seemingly had won the 2008 Wiimbledon championship at three different moments during the epic nearly 5 hour match against Roger Federer. After two rain delays, two tiebreaker sets, and a final set sudden death where both he and Roger just sucked the life out of each other, it appeared at one point this… »7/06/08 3:51pm7/06/08 3:51pm