Contest: This Reader Thought He Spotted A Famous Sportsperson. Can You…

Sometimes our readers send in great tips that yield unexpected, rich, fascinating stories. And sometimes our readers send in tips that are powerfully useless. This is one of those times. But if you can see where this useless tip was going, you can win a prize. Read on: » 9/21/12 1:55pm 9/21/12 1:55pm

Your Rob Gronkowski On The Cover Of "The Body Issue" Photoshop Roundup

Your twisted imaginations never let us down. Which is why we couldn't wait to see what you might do with this image of Rob Gronkowski on the cover of ESPN The Magazine's "The Body Issue." We put out the call on Tuesday, and this is the best of what you had to offer. Thanks, you guys. » 7/13/12 6:40pm 7/13/12 6:40pm

We Have A Winner For The Dumbest Story Ever Written About Derek Jeter…

We asked you on Monday, after a particularly objectionable item ran in the New York Post, to write the dumbest story ever about Derek Jeter. You did not let us down. » 6/13/12 3:05pm 6/13/12 3:05pm

Open Thread: Can You Write The Dumbest Story Ever About Derek Jeter?

Earlier today I suggested that Brian Lewis's New York Post piece today was the dumbest thing written about Derek Jeter. » 6/11/12 6:45pm 6/11/12 6:45pm

Here Are The Best Entries In Our Drunk, Sulking Patrick Kane Photoshop…

This fine entry kicked off our Patrick Kane photoshop contest, but somehow we knew our wise readers had more in store. And you did not disappoint. I've picked the best ones here—with special commendation for our winner at the end—because we can cram only so many images into a gallery, but keep in mind that you're all… » 5/11/12 1:05pm 5/11/12 1:05pm

Can You Beat This Entry In Our Patrick Kane Photoshop Contest?

One enterprising reader—VidaBlueManGroup—decided to kick off a Drunk Patrick Kane photoshop contest. I think he won it already, by dropping Kaner's Charlie Brown walk into Abbey Road—but we're hungry for a runner-up. We prefer doctored photos that use sulking Kaner, as opposed to party Kaner, but we'll allow others.… » 5/10/12 4:10pm 5/10/12 4:10pm

Your Doug Gottlieb Jerkoff Kid Photoshop Roundup

After we finally stopped laughing at that fantastic .gif of the kid who made blowjob motions last week behind ESPN's Doug Gottlieb, we knew we had to turn to you. By dangling another prize of some stupid crap from our desk, we asked for your photoshops, and once again you came through. Jim Cooke, our expert… » 3/02/12 5:05pm 3/02/12 5:05pm

Photoshop Contest: That Jerkoff Kid Behind Doug Gottlieb

We can't stop marveling at the brilliant juvenile hijinks displayed last night at the Kansas State-Missouri game by the young man sitting directly behind Doug Gottlieb, which our own Tim Burke so memorably captured in a .gif we posted this morning. But there's no reason for the fun to stop there; the natural next… » 2/22/12 3:40pm 2/22/12 3:40pm

Your Rolando McClain Perp Walk Grin Photoshop Roundup

When we put out the call last week for photoshops of the fantastic perp walk photo of Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain (above), we knew you'd be up to the challenge; we knew you'd make us laugh like all hell at the sheer absurdity of it all. And you didn't disappoint. In all honesty, I was a little… » 12/08/11 4:35pm 12/08/11 4:35pm

Photoshop Contest: Raiders LB Rolando McClain's Fantastic Perp Walk Grin

When we first saw the above photo of Rolando McClain after he was arrested yesterday in his hometown of Decatur, Ala., on misdemeanor gun and assault charges, we kind of thought it had already been doctored. I mean, just look at that facial expression, at that playful tilt of the head. But the photo, as is, was… » 12/02/11 12:50pm 12/02/11 12:50pm

Presenting Your Ryan Howard At A Food Store In A Motorized Scooter…

The above photo is of Ryan Howard, and it was taken at a suburban Philly Whole Foods on the day after the Phillies were knocked out of the National League playoffs by the Cardinals. The game ended with Howard recording the final out and tearing his Achilles in the process, which explains the scooter. The image is… » 10/20/11 4:55pm 10/20/11 4:55pm

Photoshop Contest: Ryan Howard At A Food Store In A Motorized Scooter

The internet has been passing around this photo of Ryan Howard for several days, or at least since it was discovered after being tweeted by a fan who snapped it at a suburban Philly Whole Foods. It is at once sadly and hilariously emblematic of the sudden conclusion to the Phillies' season. » 10/14/11 1:40pm 10/14/11 1:40pm

Presenting Your Larry Merchant Photoshop Winner, Runner-Up And…

Boxing stumblentator Larry Merchant took to the ring after Floyd Mayweather got headbutted, dropped the headbuttist with two quick blasts of questionable fury and broiled in the stew of booing judgement. There was no question that something magical was about to occur. » 9/20/11 8:30pm 9/20/11 8:30pm

Photoshop Contest: Larry Merchant On The Edge

Larry Merchant had a little word war with Floyd Mayweather after Mayweather's controversial victory over Victor Ortiz last night. But when he turned to the camera, he gave an expression for the ages. For all ages. For many situations. » 9/18/11 10:45am 9/18/11 10:45am

Photoshop Contest: That Tiger Woods Photobomb Guy

We can all see That Guy from that Tiger Woods shot today becoming a meme, so we figured we ought to get in on the act as quickly as possible — and with your help. Go right ahead and fire away in the comments with your best Photoshop mash-ups of this screen grab. Best one wins a prize. Now get to it. » 8/12/11 4:15pm 8/12/11 4:15pm

Photoshop Contest: Jim Tressel Signing Things!

We had some photos of Jim Tressel signing things at some kind of luncheon last week. Ohio State's alumni organization left Tressel in front of a matte backdrop. Easy pickings for Photoshops, plenty of source material. » 3/25/11 3:49pm 3/25/11 3:49pm