Trinity's Obnoxious 13-Year Squash Winning Streak Is Finally Over,…

The longest and most annoying win streak in the history of college sports is finally over. The Yale men's squash team defeated Trinity College 5-4 last night, ending the team's 13-year, 252-match undefeated streak that will be remembered for reminding us, approximately once a year, that squash is a sport that people… » 1/19/12 11:55am 1/19/12 11:55am

Jim Leyland Is Finally Wearing A Fresh Pair Of Underwear

At some point during the Tigers' 12-game win streak, we unfortunately learned this week, manager Jim Leyland and hitting coach Lloyd McClendon stopped changing their underwear. Detroit lost to the A's 6-1 last night—still a partial victory for everyone else in the Tigers clubhouse. » 9/16/11 12:10pm 9/16/11 12:10pm