The Winter Classic Was Really Great Even If Not Many People Watched

Did you see the Capitals top the Blackhawks in a thrilling game played outdoors at Washington's Nationals Park? Statistically, you probably did not: » 1/02/15 11:45am 1/02/15 11:45am

Red Wings Fan's Videobomb Attempt Ends Poorly

Jennifer Hammond of FOX 2 in Detroit was in the middle of a live report about the atmosphere around Wednesday's Winter Classic when a dude in a Gordie Howe jersey tried to get some camera time. Instead, viewers watched him get acquainted with the cold ground. Red Wings dude endured the pain to enjoy the fame. » 1/02/14 8:25pm 1/02/14 8:25pm

Swatting, Mid-Air Goal Ties Winter Classic Heading Into Third Period

This is a pretty nifty bit of hand-eye coordination from James van Riemsdyk at 19:23 of the second period. We head to the third, tied at 1-1. » 1/01/14 3:32pm 1/01/14 3:32pm

ECHL Team Plans "Indoor Winter Classic"

Ah, the Winter Classic, perhaps the NHL's best innovation of the Bettman era. There's something pure about a game played out in the elements—bundled up, plenty of hot cocoa in reserve, the puck occasionally at the mercy of winds, and perhaps, if you're lucky, a light snowfall to add that magical touch. If you ignore… » 12/19/12 11:10am 12/19/12 11:10am

Of Course Flyers And Rangers Fans Brawled Outside Of Geno's Steaks…

Writes tipster Kenneth Brock, "I was debating on even sending this to y'all. Born and raised in Philly, breathe the city and its sports teams. We get a bad enough rap as is through the national media. Goddamn snowballs at Santa. Wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eye when that bullshit went down. Anyways, I saw… » 1/03/12 11:30pm 1/03/12 11:30pm

At The Winter Classic, A New Year Belongs To Gary Bettman

PHILADELPHIA—These are supposed to be the treasured memories of the NHL's Winter Classic: Star-crossed Brayden Schenn's first career goal. Mike Rupp's mocking Jagr salute after his first score. Henrik Lundqvist stoning a penalty shot for the game. But they're transient memories, already fading. » 1/03/12 4:00pm 1/03/12 4:00pm

Mike Milbury Referred To The New York Rangers As "The Blue Shits"…

It wasn't deliberate, and he quickly corrected himself, but we can all still have a laugh at it. [NBC; h/t to Roe H.] » 1/03/12 1:00pm 1/03/12 1:00pm

Dan Shaughnessy Is Awful

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out this execrable column from Dan Shaughnessy that ran on SI's website earlier this week, and is yet another triumph of idiotic Boston provincialism. » 1/07/11 3:30pm 1/07/11 3:30pm

Sidney Crosby Was Concussed, But When?

Crosby sat out last night after suffering a concussion from a hit in Wednesday's game. Bad news for the Penguins, but it could be worse news if rumors are true, and he was injured on Sunday, and played with a concussion. » 1/07/11 3:00pm 1/07/11 3:00pm

Scenes From A Pittsburgh Restroom

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/02/11 9:30am 1/02/11 9:30am

Your Winter Classic/Fiesta Bowl Open Thread

You got two choices tonight: An outdoor hockey game delayed by rain or what could possibly be a really, really, really bad football game. Or not. » 1/01/11 8:00pm 1/01/11 8:00pm

The Canadian Woman, Seen Here In Her Natural Habitat

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 2/26/10 6:30am 2/26/10 6:30am

Free Skating At Fenway? It'll Cost You

Scalpers, by definition, resell tickets at multiples of face value. Boston scalpers, perhaps having failed math, have marked up ostensibly free tickets by some magic factor that turns zero dollars into: lots of money. » 12/22/09 7:00pm 12/22/09 7:00pm

Aaron Ward Jinxes Himself Out Of Winter Classic

On July 16, Boston's Aaron Ward was asked about his team getting to play in the Winter Classic. His response: "Don't jinx me yet. I could always be traded." Nine days later, he was traded to Carolina. [National Post/CBC/Bruins Blog] » 7/27/09 5:00pm 7/27/09 5:00pm

Hockey Game At Fenway Park To Be Wicked Cold

Bruins officially announce that they will host the Flyers in Fenway Park for next year's Winter Classic, but they'll really have to fling it to get a puck over the Green Monster. [Herald] » 7/16/09 5:25pm 7/16/09 5:25pm