Squaw Valley and the 1960 Winter Olympics in Paintings

As the Winter Games in Sochi wind to a close this week, it got us thinking about one of the great American Olympic host cities, Squaw Valley. For the January 1961 issue, Playboy sent the artist LeRoy Neiman, to the California ski resort to capture the place's essence with his beautiful paintings. Enjoy the collection… »2/20/14 3:38pm2/20/14 3:38pm

Is A Crappy Under Armour Race Suit Slowing Down U.S. Speed Skating?

The U.S. has sucked something fierce in speed skating so far at Sochi. Through more than half of its races, Team USA still hasn't medaled. This is astonishing, because speed skating is traditionally one of the U.S.'s strongest winter sports. One explanation for the dip? As the Wall Street Journal first reported, it… »2/13/14 7:29pm2/13/14 7:29pm

Do Dominica's Adorable Skiers Deserve A Gold Medal In Tax Dodging?

There's plenty about the Winter Olympics to make a guy root for global warming: the so-called "Olympic tourists," for example. That's a tag applied to folks who have enough money and leisure time to make up for whatever talent deficiency kept them from competing for their real home country in the Games, and end up… »2/13/14 6:51pm2/13/14 6:51pm

Map: Where In America Can You Watch Canada's Great Olympic Coverage?

It's no secret that NBC's Olympic coverage kind of blows, especially compared to what our northern neighbors are getting. Leaving aside issues like lack of live coverage, schmaltzy human interest stories, and Bob Costas's eye, Canada simply gets more Olympics: 1,519 hours on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation… »2/10/14 1:51pm2/10/14 1:51pm