Answers to '10 Questions Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women'

Question: Why do women get madder and madder as they ponder something irritating and stupid even when there's no point? Because shoes. No really, so, according to Redbook, men are terrified to talk to women, but it's not their fault: Ladies be confusin'. What with the talking and the mysterious food purchases, it's a… » 10/14/13 2:40pm 10/14/13 2:40pm

Everything You Need to Know About Douchebags You Can Learn From Booze

Comparing women to food and beverages is a tired trope of douchebaggery that's even older than the guys who think those jokes are funny. But that hasn't stopped "ladies be like food..." comparisons from being the scourge of everything from novelty Spencers Gifts bath mats to articles about... wine. » 10/02/13 1:24pm 10/02/13 1:24pm

Dukies, Single People, And Women: Data Show Who Sucks At Picking…

In a feel-good "enormous corporations share user-data" story, Facebook and Yahoo have joined forces to give us a rare look into the demographics that drive March Madness picks. Drawing on data from the 60,000 users who used Facebook to login to Yahoo's College Tournament Pick 'Em, Michael Bailey (creator of Facebook's » 4/05/13 4:35pm 4/05/13 4:35pm

Dear Women: Someone Wrote A Terrible NHL Lockout Column About You

Everyone: try not to kill your own grandfather, because we have apparently been transported back to the 1950s, where women are barefoot and pregnant and the biggest casualty of the NHL lockout is wifey, at her station in the kitchen, struggling to keep "hubby" happy. » 9/21/12 11:30am 9/21/12 11:30am

Saudi Arabia Allows A Token Female Olympian, So Get Off Their Backs…

After 40 years of sending teams to the Olympics, Saudi Arabia has finally agreed that women should be allowed to participate. That manifests itself as one single athlete, born in America and raised in Europe, who will represent the Kingdom in equestrian events and thus be covered head to toe. And they're only doing it… » 6/25/12 10:05am 6/25/12 10:05am

Why Everyone Wants To Marry Hope Solo

A lot of people think Hope Solo is hot, statistically speaking. That's not surprising. What is unusual is how little her perceived hotness seems to matter to those people. There seems to be less of a desire to see her in a bikini, and the fact that people find her attractive is manifesting itself in a more chaste way… » 7/18/11 6:22pm 7/18/11 6:22pm

The US Women's Coach, Who Is Swedish, Fires Her Team Up By Occasionally …

Neither Hope Solo's ravishing skin nor disappearing nipple has carried the US Women's National Team to one game of the women's World Cup. Rather, the team can credit the musical stylings of its head coach, Pia Sundhage. She sings. And even though she's Swedish, she knows more than Cardigans and Ace of Base. » 7/16/11 11:00am 7/16/11 11:00am

Let's Not Jump To Conclusions About Chalmers And Arthur

Yesterday's news about former Jayhawk heroes Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur allegedly getting caught with "marijuana and women" » 9/04/08 9:30am 9/04/08 9:30am at NBA rookie transition program has put their current teams in a bind (Chalmers was supposed to compete for the Heat's starting point guard job) and their former head coach, Bill Self, in…