These Are the 10 Best Female Characters From Jurassic Park

With the release of Jurassic World just around the corner, we wanted to revisit the Steven Spielberg classic that started it all. 1993’s Jurassic Park has its share of great male characters (hello, Dr. Ian Malcolm!), but is most notable for its abundance of female roles. Below is our list of the 10 best female… »6/09/15 8:15pm6/09/15 8:15pm

The Problem With Calling Women 'Females'

For as long as I can remember, I've been immediately skeptical of men who use the word "female" to describe women. Before I was able to put my finger on what exactly bothered me about their use of the word, I simply relied on historical record: The men I liked and respected weren't running around talking about females… »2/05/15 3:55pm2/05/15 3:55pm

The Real Secret to Talking Sports With Any Woman

If you were a trash person, you'd assume that women didn't like sports and that, as Men's Health Magazine indicates, we only follow them if there's "a story line." Your argument, if you were made of trash, would be that women can't understand statistics or they don't have attention spans long enough to sit through a… »10/07/14 5:01pm10/07/14 5:01pm

Answers to '10 Questions Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women'

Question: Why do women get madder and madder as they ponder something irritating and stupid even when there's no point? Because shoes. No really, so, according to Redbook, men are terrified to talk to women, but it's not their fault: Ladies be confusin'. What with the talking and the mysterious food purchases, it's a… »10/14/13 2:40pm10/14/13 2:40pm

Everything You Need to Know About Douchebags You Can Learn From Booze

Comparing women to food and beverages is a tired trope of douchebaggery that's even older than the guys who think those jokes are funny. But that hasn't stopped "ladies be like food..." comparisons from being the scourge of everything from novelty Spencers Gifts bath mats to articles about... wine. »10/02/13 1:24pm10/02/13 1:24pm

Dukies, Single People, And Women: Data Show Who Sucks At Picking Brackets

In a feel-good "enormous corporations share user-data" story, Facebook and Yahoo have joined forces to give us a rare look into the demographics that drive March Madness picks. Drawing on data from the 60,000 users who used Facebook to login to Yahoo's College Tournament Pick 'Em, Michael Bailey (creator of… »4/05/13 4:35pm4/05/13 4:35pm

Saudi Arabia Allows A Token Female Olympian, So Get Off Their Backs Already

After 40 years of sending teams to the Olympics, Saudi Arabia has finally agreed that women should be allowed to participate. That manifests itself as one single athlete, born in America and raised in Europe, who will represent the Kingdom in equestrian events and thus be covered head to toe. And they're only doing it… »6/25/12 10:05am6/25/12 10:05am

The US Women's Coach, Who Is Swedish, Fires Her Team Up By Occasionally Breaking Into Soft-Rock Song

Neither Hope Solo's ravishing skin nor disappearing nipple has carried the US Women's National Team to one game of the women's World Cup. Rather, the team can credit the musical stylings of its head coach, Pia Sundhage. She sings. And even though she's Swedish, she knows more than Cardigans and Ace of Base. »7/16/11 11:00am7/16/11 11:00am