Female Ex-Coaches Accuse UMD Of Discrimination, Harassment, Anti-Canadian Sentiment In Lawsuit

Three former women’s coaches at the University of Minnesota Duluth sued the state’s university system in federal court today, all saying they were victims of discrimination while working for the university. In the lawsuit, each woman outlines her own story and the various ways in which she was harassed, excluded, and… »9/28/15 7:18pm9/28/15 7:18pm


Read The Full Report On OSU Hockey's "Get Horny For The Puck" Ex-Coach

Ohio State's women's hockey coach, Nate Handrahan, resigned last week after an investigation found he had a history of inappropriate conduct, including sexualized comments, retaliation for anyone raising concerns to the administration, and telling players to "get horny for the puck." Today, Ohio State released a copy… »3/17/15 5:45pm3/17/15 5:45pm

Report: OSU Women's Hockey Coach Told Players To "Get Horny" For Puck

Nate Handrahan resigned Monday after four seasons as Ohio State's women's hockey coach. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith and human resources director for athletics Kim Heaton received a report that day detailing Handrahan's inappropriate conduct towards players, including his use of telling them to "get horny… »3/11/15 5:57pm3/11/15 5:57pm

Japan's Women's Hockey Team Is The Lovable Underdog Of The Olympics

The Japanese women's hockey team made Russia work for a 2-1 win today, to the surprise of many. But Japan's played much better than predicted, losing closely in two games against much better competition. On top of that, they've been a lot of fun both on and off the ice. Let's learn more about these girls. »2/11/14 2:37pm2/11/14 2:37pm

Japan Ties Russia With Knuckle Puck, Celebrates With Bow

The Japanese women almost had an upset brewing when they tied Russia early in the third period on this fluttering puck from the right point. Ayaka Toko floated the puck over four people, three of them Russian, before it dove down between goaltender Anna Prugova's glove and pads. It's basically an Olympic knuckle puck. »2/11/14 12:25pm2/11/14 12:25pm