Amy Poehler And Seth Meyers Burn SI Writer Who Dislikes Women's Sports

On Monday, Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit sent a dumb tweet in which he expressed his disdain for all women’s sports, including the Women’s World Cup. This did not go unnoticed by Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, who dusted off their great old SNL bit on last night’s episode of Late Night and went in on Benoit. »6/25/15 9:28am6/25/15 9:28am


Girls High School Basketball Coach Probably Shouldn't Be Allowed Anywhere Near High Schools Or Girls

Chicago's SouthTown Star has the story of Bryan Craig, once the coach of Rich Central High School's varsity basketball team, now unemployed. Craig resigned after the board at the high school where he worked found out that he wrote and self-published a book called It's Her Fault (!), which featured chapters on… »9/01/12 3:55pm9/01/12 3:55pm