NFL Combine To Feature New Aptitude Test Supplementing The Wonderlic

The NFL scouting combine begins February 23 in Indianapolis and, beginning this year, will feature a new "aptitide test" to work in conjunction with the controversial Wonderlic test. Jeff Foster, president of National Football Scouting told Albert Breer of NFL.com that the new test will be introduced to participants… » 2/17/13 2:16pm 2/17/13 2:16pm

The Wonderlic Test Proves The NFL Is Stupid

Here is an indisputable fact, one of the very few that exist surrounding the mysterious and dreaded Wonderlic Test: the Wonderlic is not meant for football. Over 75 years, only a few thousand of the more than a hundred million test takers have been NFL hopefuls. It is a test of problem solving and cognitive abilities,… » 4/06/12 11:40am 4/06/12 11:40am