Report: Jets File Retaliatory Tampering Charges Against The Patriots

According to ProFootballTalk, the Jets filed tampering charges today against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who spoke at the NFL owners meetings yesterday about former-Patriot and current-Jet Darrelle Revis. Kraft told CSNNE that the Patriots made two competitive offers to Revis and had hoped to retain him,… »3/24/15 9:49pm3/24/15 9:49pm

Darelle Revis Is Not Happy About Those Trade Rumors That The Jets Refuse To Address

The Jets, man. They just can't stop themselves from Jetsing. The latest bit of melodrama plaguing the organization involves rumors that that Jets owner Woody Johnson, the same guy who recently claimed that he never wanted Tim Tebow in the first place, wants to trade all-pro cornerback Darelle Revis. CBS' Jason La… »1/24/13 3:15pm1/24/13 3:15pm

Jets Owner Woody Johnson Now Says Tim Tebow Was "Forced" On Him

It's been a race in the Jets front office to deflect blame for Tim Tebow's signing, season-long benching, and the entire circus. First onto Tebow himself, with anonymous Jets sources saying Tebow refused to be used in Wildcat packages. Then coach Rex Ryan made it known it was strictly a football move, saying that if… »1/21/13 10:20am1/21/13 10:20am

Mark Sanchez Will Stay The Jets' Starter, Reportedly Against The Wishes Of Woody Johnson

Despite Greg McElroy's season-saving drive against the Cardinals—the most celebrated 5-for-7 in team history, perhaps—Mark Sanchez is still the Jets' quarterback. Sanchez will start Sunday in Jacksonville, McElroy will return to holding a clipboard, and the Jets drama train rolls on. »12/05/12 9:40am12/05/12 9:40am

The Mismanaged, Crazy Jets Might Be Keeping Tebow On The Bench Because They Can't Afford The Incentives In His Contract

One of the great things about the Jets this year—the only great thing, perhaps—is that by dealing for Tim Tebow, emphasizing the extent to which they'd use him (they said it would 25% of snaps), and not using him nearly that much (it was 10.1% before week ten and inched slightly higher after), they've put the lie to… »11/17/12 6:00pm11/17/12 6:00pm

Woody Johnson Got Flustered When A CNBC Anchor Asked Him If Tim Tebow Was Still A Virgin

The Jets held their own against the best team in football on Monday night while Mitt Romney surged in the polls, so New York owner Woody Johnson must have assumed he was on sure footing when he headed into CNBC's coked-up Squawk Box earlier today. After the usual Mark Sanchez chat, Johnson faced an important… »10/10/12 3:25pm10/10/12 3:25pm

The Jets Are In Line For An Attendance Debacle Tonight

It's been reported that as of Friday, the Jets had 12,000 tickets remaining unsold for tonight's game against the Texans. It's understandable. MetLife Stadium is a remarkably joyless place to watch your team lose 59-6. But there have been no whispers of a blackout, so we can assume Woody Johnson has bought those empty… »10/08/12 9:45am10/08/12 9:45am