Around The Horn Takes On The March Madness Selection Process

This is a clip from an Around The Horn episode about a week ago, in which the four journalists du jour took on the March Madness selection process — a topic that seemed to be on everybody's mind. "How much difference between the innies and the outies?" wondered show host Tony Reali. "What do you think of the job the… »3/23/11 6:15pm3/23/11 6:15pm

Woody Paige Would Like To Trade Matt Holliday For Magic Beans

We've certainly made fun of Woody Paige for a while around these parts, but we've still given him a level of esteem and prestige above that of a random late-night talk-radio caller. But considering the amount of basic understanding (or lack thereof) of how the operation of a baseball team works he showed in … »6/02/08 11:10am6/02/08 11:10am

ESPN Would Like You To Know That Only Harold Reynolds Harasses People

Probably time to check in on that whole Woody Paige sexual harassment lawsuit business. Not that many new details have been released since yesterday, except that we've learned a bit more about Jay Crawford, amazingly. (Seriously, we didn't think they guy even knew how to read.) We did enjoy the following denials from… »6/29/07 4:40pm6/29/07 4:40pm