Baseball Game Delayed While Repo Men Attempt To Collect Bats, Gloves, For Team's Unpaid Cleaning Bills

The Worcester Tornadoes, of the independent Can-Am league, couldn't throw the first pitch of last night's game at 7 p.m., as scheduled. They were too busy dealing with police constables sent to enforce a court order to confiscate the team's equipment.

Enterprise Cleaning Co. has cleaned clubhouses, concourses and… »8/14/12 3:05pm8/14/12 3:05pm

Are Jose Canseco And The Worcester Tornadoes Parting Ways? [UPDATED]

That's the speculation going around central Massachusetts after one of Canseco's teammates, outfielder Cameron Monger, tweeted the following early this morning: "Tonight will be @JoseCanseco's last game with the ‪#Tornadoes‬. Hope he goes out with a bang." Monger has since deleted the tweet, but not before the website… »6/15/12 1:30pm6/15/12 1:30pm

Jose Canseco Can't Hit Anymore, But He Can Still Get Himself Tossed For Arguing Balls And Strikes

So how's it going for Jose Canseco in his stint with the Worcester (Mass.) Tornadoes of the Can-Am-League? Well, he's hitting just .171 with zero home runs and 15 strikeouts in 41 at-bats. And while he has drawn nine walks, he doesn't always seem to get a favorable strike zone, as you can see in the video above. »6/06/12 5:55pm6/06/12 5:55pm

Jose Canseco Is Striking Out With The Young Women Who Work At A Restaurant In Worcester, Mass., Too

At the age of 47, and more than a decade removed from his career as a Major League player, Jose Canseco just won't quit trying to do what he loves the most: hitting on young women. According to a tipster, Canseco has taken a run at "about a half dozen" female employees aged 19-23 at a restaurant he's been frequenting… »5/21/12 3:05pm5/21/12 3:05pm

Here's Every Single Pitch Of Jose Canseco's Worcester Tornadoes Debut (Spoiler: It Didn't Go Well)

Intrepid tipster Kevin M. dutifully recorded every single pitch of Jose Canseco's long-awaited, much-anticipated, expectations-shattering debut tonight with the independent Worcester Tornadoes, who traveled south to face the Newark Bears. Alas, America's favorite semi-retired, ball-playing hug machine didn't do so… »5/18/12 12:45am5/18/12 12:45am