The Problem With Calling Women 'Females'

For as long as I can remember, I've been immediately skeptical of men who use the word "female" to describe women. Before I was able to put my finger on what exactly bothered me about their use of the word, I simply relied on historical record: The men I liked and respected weren't running around talking about females… »2/05/15 3:55pm2/05/15 3:55pm

A Love Letter to My Favorite Word: DUDE

Dude. DUDE. Dude, I love the word "dude" so much. It's so versatile. It's so casual yet punchy. It can convey, "I really mean business here!" and "I am a fun type of person who doesn't take life too seriously" in the same syllable. WHILE SKATEBOARDING. It is far superior to "guy," which implies a kind of distance, an… »10/25/13 4:52pm10/25/13 4:52pm

At Least One ESPN Program Bans The Use Of "Redskins"

Our friend Josh Levin over at Slate made a fascinating discovery today: Back in the mid-2000s, when ESPN broadcast the finals of the National Scrabble Championship, a total of 170 words were prohibited from being used during the game. One of them was nickname of Washington's NFL franchise, which Slate will no longer… »8/13/13 4:23pm8/13/13 4:23pm

Tim Tebow Waited 16 Minutes And 40 Seconds To Mention Jesus At Today's Press Conference

Tim Tebow's New York Jets debutante ball is over, and while he (reliably) avoided saying much of anything interesting, doing a quick analysis of the press conference transcript (via closed captioning) may provide some clues as to how the quarterback (?) will adapt to the New York media sphere. »3/26/12 2:10pm3/26/12 2:10pm

"Tebowing" Is Now An Official English Word, Except It's Probably Not

When a person gets very famous, lots of companies want to put themselves in the news alongside that person. Which is why you're seeing a lot of Tim Tebow in unlikely sources these days. Today's entry: something called the Global Language Monitor says that "Tebowing" is now an accepted English word. Defined as "the act… »12/12/11 2:45pm12/12/11 2:45pm

Strip-Search Demanded At World Scrabble Championship To Find Letter "G"

It may come as news to most of the universe that the World Scrabble Championships took place last week, and ended yesterday when Nigel Richards of New Zealand defeated Aussie Andrew Fisher, 3-2. Richards ended the five-day tournament with 95 points on the word "omnified"—which, as proof that humans can still beat the… »10/17/11 11:20am10/17/11 11:20am

Last Call For Deadspin Word Of The Year Nominations

Last week we asked for nominations for Deadspin Word of the Year, and you answered the call handsomely. From your herd of suggestions we've culled 55 entries — yes, yes, girls, "Mangino" is in there — and we'd probably like to get it to 70 or so before actual voting commences. So if you were unable to get in on this… »12/10/07 3:40pm12/10/07 3:40pm