Navigating Your Way Through Bullshit Corporate Lingo

George Orwell made a living off of incredulity. Armed with a healthy distrust of capitalism and intense misgivings about the surveillance state, Orwell’s writings often presaged a bleak outlook for mankind. (His fucking head would explode if he could see what companies—i.e. Google and Facebook—and government agencies…


Your Pick For Best External Hard Drive: Western Digital My Passport Ultra

It’s not as exciting when the frontrunner in the nominations round goes uncontested, but it’s certainly definitive. Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra, specifically the 2TB version, was the only external hard drive to receive significant support, after dominating the 2013 vote in the same category.


Recent Grads: Here's What You Should Know. Love, A Recent(ish) Grad

I graduated from college four years ago. I know four years probably seems like an infinitesimal blip to many readers (disclaimer #1: self-aware millennial realizes she has far less life experience than you do), but when I remember the anxious stress case I was at 21 — incapable of imagining life as a gainfully…