The Ballet Barre Workout That Burns, Oh God, It Burns 

So New York magazine reported back in September that no one is really doing pilates anymore, which makes sense: It’s not exactly the only fitness-niche game in town. Not by a long shot. I’ve personally tried many of them, from spin to Zumba to hot yoga; today, please welcome to the stage, Pure Barre, a ballet… »11/12/15 10:18am11/12/15 10:18am


A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

The first time I wondered if I was possibly doing something wrong was when, while watching TV, I absently reached down to the second toe on my right foot and realized that my entire toenail had detached itself and was hanging on by the thinnest of cuticles, like a dingy white flag. I pulled it off painlessly and… »10/09/15 4:05pm10/09/15 4:05pm

Yoga Isn't 'For Ladies' and Weights Aren't 'For Men'

Women make up slightly less than half of the NFL's fanbase. They're going to college in larger numbers than men. They're the Senators grabbing the legislative branch by the collar and dragging the country away from fiscal precipice. And yet! it's still weird for us when we try to use the weight room at a new gym.… »10/24/13 11:10am10/24/13 11:10am

"Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying," Says Weird Sign In Alabama Weight Room

That's it, we've officially run out of motivational slogans to slap on the walls of places where college athletes congregate. The day that this sign was hung up in the University of Alabama football team's weight room is the day that someone should have taken a step back and said, "You know what, maybe we're trying a… »2/27/13 3:15pm2/27/13 3:15pm