Very Few Of Those 1.3 Billion Are Good Basketball Players

Team USA got back to their ass-romping ways this morning, beating China by a score of 121-90. Despite the presence of Yao Ming, China's not that good of a team. Really, they're probably the most poorly-equipped team to play the United States; they prefer (an unathletic) man defense, and their guards and prone to… » 8/20/06 2:56pm 8/20/06 2:56pm

As Far As Wins Go, That Was Pretty Uncomfortable

It's just the first game, and a win's a win, but I'm not going to do any victory dances when we give up 100 points to Puerto Rico, either. Team USA did win by a score of 111-100, but they never really pulled away, they never dominated for a stretch longer than a couple of minutes, and they never really showed that… » 8/19/06 2:42pm 8/19/06 2:42pm

More Mascot Nightmare Fuel From Our Friends In Japan

Japan is hosting the World Basketball Championships this year, and you know what that means: confusing cartoon mascots. You'll feel exactly like you've been hit over the head repeatedly with a Pachinko machine after viewing BAD Badtz-Maru — some sort of bad-ass penguin, we're told — and his "friends and family." From… » 7/24/06 3:45pm 7/24/06 3:45pm