FIFA Screwed France Out Of The Tournament, And It's Bullshit

Immediately following France’s loss to Germany in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinal, a rightfully frustrated Camille Abily lashed out at FIFA’s seeding protocols. As anyone who bothered to look ahead could see, those teams—probably the two best in the world—were always on a collision course at that early stage in the… » 6/29/15 2:02pm 6/29/15 2:02pm

Germany Kill Off Sweden With Sliding Circus Shot Goal

And thus the German machine charges on. Germany dominated Sweden for nearly the entire 90 minutes in the Round of 16, save a brief spell late on when, leading 3-0, Sweden threatened to make a game of it by scoring once and spurning a golden 1 v. 1 with the keeper. Nevertheless, Germany came right back to squelch any… » 6/20/15 6:00pm 6/20/15 6:00pm

English Keeper Flattens Colombian, Robbing Us Of A Brilliant Team Goal

We have a soft spot in our hearts for scrappy little Colombia, who entered this group as long shots but have impressed with the overflowing technical ability of their players. So you can understand our frustration as Las Cafeteras were all set to cap off the team goal of the tournament before the English keeper went… » 6/17/15 5:50pm 6/17/15 5:50pm

This Dutch Goal And Ecstatic Celebration Are Why We Watch The World Cup

The Netherlands were one of our favorites of the longshots coming into this tournament, their first ever World Cup, for a number of reasons. Their underdog status, their paltry history, the sudden boom of young talent once the country began to prioritize the women’s game, their expressive style of play—it all combined… » 6/16/15 12:29pm 6/16/15 12:29pm

Turns Out Nigeria Really Did Decide To Show Up And Wreck Shit

On one of 1017 Thug’s standout tracks “Nigeria,” Young Thug taunts his enemies, “You nah wet me, I dare ya!” This was apparently the mindset this Nigerian team took to the World Cup, because boy, did they just bust Sweden’s ass in this match. Just look at this goal, and especially that pass! » 6/08/15 6:06pm 6/08/15 6:06pm

Cameroon Aren't Contenders Yet, But They're On Their Way

For many of the established teams coming into this World Cup, their larger goals outside of the simple quest for points involve things like trying to recapture former greatness or maintaining a period of success. Cameroon, though, are still early in their journey in the international realm. All they’re trying to do is… » 6/04/15 3:00pm 6/04/15 3:00pm