Germany's Absurd World Cup Fake Free Kick Actually Worked In Practice

Remember that absurd, failed free kick that Germany attempted against Algeria in the World Cup? In case not, we've embedded video of it below. In the 88th minute of a 0-0 game—Germany would eventually win 2-1 in a dramatic extra time period on Mesut Özil's 120th minute goal—Germany won a free kick about 30 yards away… »1/13/15 8:49pm1/13/15 8:49pm


Where Belgium's Stacked Roster Came From

When Belgium fell to Brazil in the Round of 16 at the 2002 World Cup, it marked the beginning of a long hiatus from the world stage. On that night in Kobe, Japan, Brazil advanced to the quarterfinals en route to a fifth championship, while Belgium has not returned to a major tournament since. That drought will come to… »6/17/14 11:57am6/17/14 11:57am

Belgium's World Cup Tune-Up Interrupted By Giant Hail Storm

An international friendly between Belgium and Tunisia was stopped in the first half because golf-ball sized hail stones were raining down on the players. The hail became unmanageable at around the 24 minute mark, with the match still scoreless, and play was halted for approximately 40 minutes. As you can imagine it… »6/07/14 6:06pm6/07/14 6:06pm

Which Countries Get Carded The Most At The World Cup?

Quartz has crunched the numbers on World Cup penalties, counting all the yellow and red cards for every squad back to 1970. Slovenia comes in number one, racking up 20 cards in their six World Cup games (3.33 per game). Peru was the least penalized, with nine cards in 13 games (0.69 per game). »6/04/14 3:57pm6/04/14 3:57pm

British Comedian Almost Sneaks On Team England's World Cup Plane

Simon Brodkin is a British actor/comedian/prankster who plays, among other characters, a soccer player named Jason Bent. Brodkin, dressed in character as Bent, got amongst team England on a private tarmac at Luton Airport and tried to board the plane the squad was taking to Miami as they begin training for the World… »6/01/14 7:20pm6/01/14 7:20pm

Run The Jules: Your Guide To The USMNT's Newest (Maybe?) Star

During last night's USA-Mexico friendly, USMNT fans finally got a glimpse of Julian Green, the 18-year-old superstar-in-the-making(?) who spurned Germany to play for the US. The massive excitement at his arrival is matched only by the massive amount we don't know about him. Who is this guy? Is he really that good?… »4/03/14 11:37am4/03/14 11:37am

How Will The 2014 World Cup Ball Swerve? An Aerodynamic Test

There are now only a few months to go until the biggest sporting event of 2014—the FIFA World Cup in Brazil—and questions are being asked. Will the stadiums be ready? Are the airports ready for the crowds? But one matter rises above all others, and may have an impact on the destiny of the cup itself: How will the ball… »3/13/14 11:15am3/13/14 11:15am

Man Dribbling Soccer Ball From Seattle To Brazil Gets Hit By Car, Dies

Richard Swanson, 42, planned to dribble a soccer ball from Seattle, Washington to Brazil. He started two weeks ago, on May 1, and was headed to Sao Paulo in time for the 2014 World Cup. Today, he was hit by a pickup truck while walking south on US Highway 101, in Lincoln City, Oregon. Swanson was declared dead at a… »5/14/13 10:24pm5/14/13 10:24pm