Run The Jules: Your Guide To The USMNT's Newest (Maybe?) Star

During last night's USA-Mexico friendly, USMNT fans finally got a glimpse of Julian Green, the 18-year-old superstar-in-the-making(?) who spurned Germany to play for the US. The massive excitement at his arrival is matched only by the massive amount we don't know about him. Who is this guy? Is he really that good? What … » 4/03/14 11:37am 4/03/14 11:37am

How Will The 2014 World Cup Ball Swerve? An Aerodynamic Test

There are now only a few months to go until the biggest sporting event of 2014—the FIFA World Cup in Brazil—and questions are being asked. Will the stadiums be ready? Are the airports ready for the crowds? But one matter rises above all others, and may have an impact on the destiny of the cup itself: How will the ball… » 3/13/14 11:15am 3/13/14 11:15am

Man Dribbling Soccer Ball From Seattle To Brazil Gets Hit By Car, Dies

Richard Swanson, 42, planned to dribble a soccer ball from Seattle, Washington to Brazil. He started two weeks ago, on May 1, and was headed to Sao Paulo in time for the 2014 World Cup. Today, he was hit by a pickup truck while walking south on US Highway 101, in Lincoln City, Oregon. Swanson was declared dead at a… » 5/14/13 10:24pm 5/14/13 10:24pm

A Soccer Match Between Teams From Argentina And Brazil Ended Early…

This happened a couple of days ago, but we missed it with everything else going on. At Wednesday evening's Copa Sudamericana—Wikipedia calls it "the second most prestigious club competition in South American football"—between Brazil's São Paulo and Argentina's Tigre, some pre-match gamesmanship and a brawl as the teams… » 12/15/12 10:00am 12/15/12 10:00am