The United States Cap-Tied Two Very Good Dual Nationals Last Night

The United States started off their World Cup Qualifying campaign in St. Louis last night with a 6-1 win against Caribbean minnows St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The result was as expected and there’s nothing substantial to be gleaned from how the team played, aside from the fact that they allowed St. Vincent to… »11/14/15 10:29am11/14/15 10:29am


The Peruvian Lady Soccer Fans Are At It Again, And What They're Doing Is Assuredly NSFW

"This is the voluptuous dancer Irina Grandez, who for love of the southern lands Blanquirroja arrived to put all the 'chest' by Peru, which now goes to 'kill' to Chile." [Translated from Gran refuerzo: Irina Grandez llegó a Chile para poner el pecho por Perú">] (H/T Sportsfeeder1) »10/12/11 11:00pm10/12/11 11:00pm