StubHub Cancels $6 World Series Ticket Sale, Gives Guy Ticket Anyway

We told you last night about reader Erik, who logged on to StubHub and bought a $6 ticket (including $3 in fees!) for tomorrow night's World Series opener at Fenway. Yeah, well, StubHub has now let it be known the sale was "fraudulent" and that they've canceled Erik's purchase. » 10/22/13 2:37pm 10/22/13 2:37pm

Man Buys Ticket To Game 1 Of World Series For $6 On StubHub

That's right, reader Erik went on StubHub today and purchased a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway Park for $6. The seat, located in right field box 97, was listed at $3.00. Presumably the seller screwed up (at the very least) the decimal placement on the listing because the cheapest ticket in that section » 10/21/13 8:25pm 10/21/13 8:25pm