The 10 Greatest Tank Battles In Military History

Ever since the first armored vehicles crawled across the tortured battlescapes of World War I, tanks have become an indelible fixture of land warfare. Many tank-on-tank engagements have occurred over the years, some more significant — and epic — than others. Here are 10 you need to know about. » 1/23/15 1:57pm 1/23/15 1:57pm

The World Cup Teaches Germans How To Be Proud Of Germany

If you know anything about German soccer, even if you're a not a hardcore fan and only pay attention when the World Cup steams into town every four years and blows its piercing, un-ignorable whistle, I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the following narrative. It comes from the 2006 World Cup, which of course took… » 7/04/14 11:36am 7/04/14 11:36am

Bombshell: Marilyn Monroe built the world's frst drones

Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe used to be known as Norma Jeane Dougherty, and during World War II she toiled at a California defense factory. But shocking new historical evidence shows that the future movie star helped build the first mass-produced aerial drones—and there are pictures to prove it. » 7/30/13 12:22pm 7/30/13 12:22pm