Worst Golf Swings: Wealthy Japanese Businessman Edition

From reader John: "Got paired up with this guy (very wealthy businessman from Japan, had custom clubs that probably ran him around 5k in total) last summer at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland. He could barely speak English so I wasn't able to ask how his to swing came to be, but he was much better than you would… » 5/09/11 5:05pm 5/09/11 5:05pm

Five Entries In Our Worst Golf Swing Contest

We've been highlighting and soliciting videos of the worst golf swings you've ever seen (Charles Barkley is still in the lead) and you people haven't disappointed. Here are five more nominations. Please keep them coming. » 5/08/11 3:15pm 5/08/11 3:15pm

The Search For The World's Worst Golf Swing Is On

Yesterday we had Cleon and Charles Barkley. Today's entry comes from reader Andrew, whose unnamed friend attacks his ball with such savageness that "even his wife screams" when he swings. » 5/06/11 2:45pm 5/06/11 2:45pm

OK, Maybe This Is The Worst Golf Swing Ever

Cleon "is a legend at our course," writes a reader who begs to differ with our characterization of Charles Barkley's swing as the worst. We're not sure. Cleon's lengthy lining up of the ball and ratcheting backswing are great, but the follow-through is a little too clean. » 5/05/11 3:35pm 5/05/11 3:35pm